The market comprises of many hair wigs and extensions that can stay undetectable, and make your crown look like a million bucks. However, you should choose the best ones among them and apply with a lot of care. The market comprises of many hair wigs and extensions that can stay undetectable, and make your crown look like a million bucks. However, you should choose the best ones among them and apply with a lot of care. The reason is simple – things can quickly go wrong for you, and few other things can be cosmetically as bad as bad hair wigs or extensions. Here are 7 common mistakes that people make while applying human hair extension and wigs, and you should take care to avoid them.

  1. Installing many extensions

Do not install a lot of extensions. Over-installation will not only be painful for you, but will make you look bad as well. Even if you do that, you should place each weft at a space of a pinkie finger apart. You may even place them as near to each other as the tail of a tail comb. However, the trick is not to let them be in touch with each other. Keep them like cousins, not real siblings. You can get in touch with a hair stylist or at least a friend who frequents hair salons or parlors, and get tips on proper installation and spacing.

  1. Placing them on messy partings

Do not set them up on messy partings. It is important to strive for clean partings. Would you like to work on a soiled canvas? Make use of a small clip and keep out small hairs from the way. If the small hairs are trapped in the tape, you can feel a painful tug on your head. Place the extensions at a width minimum of 2 fingers from your hairline, so that when you pull back your hair, the tape can stay hidden by your natural hair. Also, you will feel any discomfort while wearing sunglasses.

  1. Choosing hair subsection of improper density

Look for proper density of hair subsection. The hair subsection where you apply the extension must be of similar density and size as the weft of the extension. If the subsection is too thick, the extension will be opened up. On the other hand, if it is too thin, the extension will not be held in place. When it comes to human hair wigs, you should wrap your hair in a proper way so that the wig does not appear unnatural or out of place on your head. If you want to effectively wrap your wig, wrap your hair around your head in a proper way. Once you do this, tightly hold them in place with the help of a hair dryer. This is the best possible way to keep the wig securely on your head too.

  1. Going for the wrong color

Many hairdressers also end up choosing and setting up human hair extension of the wrong color. It is strictly prohibited for you to match your extensions to the color of the hair roots. Similarly, the use of just a single extension shade on the whole crown is also a no-no. Match the color at the ends and the middle section, and not at the roots of the hair. These are known as extensions for nothing. As these extend your hair, the point of extension is where you would like to match them. For all those who want their fake hair to look like the natural ones, dimensional color is the way to go. You can make use of texturizing shears for making a weft thinner and let some color peek through! If you are using hair wigs, make sure that they are of exactly the same color as your natural hair. Choose a wig having similar texture as your natural hair. When you select your wig color, you have to pick one that properly complements your skin texture or tone. This will ensure that your hair wig always looks as natural as possible.

  1. Setting up wrong lengths

Many people choose very long extensions, but these do not blend on a bob. Install extensions of lengths depending on the present length of your hair. You can find hair extensions available in varying lengths, such as between 13 and 25 inches. Those as long as 21 inches would obviously a mismatch if you have a bob. It is best to go for the shortest ones, the 13-inch ones, and then choose longer extensions as your natural hair grows. Put the extension or wig properly in place. Do not use the wrong glue to secure your wig to your hairline. Your natural shine and texture will be removed on the application of a bad type of glue. The use of a lace wig can dry up your hair. With superior and shiny glue, you can maintain the wig’s texture and shine.

  1. Not ‘shaping’ hair

Once you are done with the application / installation, use a pair of hair scissors to shape your hair by the slide-cutting technique. Never cut, but always shape, so that your hair gets an even length and shape and the extensions cannot be detected by the naked eye. Even with wigs, it is important to cut them as per your facial style and skin tone. You might be unaware of how to do this, and it is best to consult a hair stylist and pick up the right tips and techniques. If you wish to make your wig look as natural as possible, cut it in such a way that it is visible across your hairline.

  1. Not treating wigs like real hair

Over time, the hair on your wigs can become dry. The drier it becomes, the shorter the lifespan of your wigs will be. Dry wigs always look unnatural and unhealthy. Many first-timer users of hair wigs do not care for them properly, mainly due to lack of knowledge and experience. It is important that you avoid this mistake and use a good hair conditioner and mild shampoo or a similar product, to keep your wig in the best shape. This will make your human hair wigs last longer. 

April 20, 2018 — Booster Apps