Hair extensions are gradually becoming an essential item in the beauty industry. They are great for adding extra thickness and length to all types of hair while creating that look you have always dream of. In this article, I’m going to compare Clip-in hair extensions and tape hair extensions. Tape hair extensions and Clip in hair extensions are very tricky to compare as they both offer completely unique  merits and demerits.

Clip in hair extensions

Just like the name implies, Clip-in extensions are quality hair strands attached to your natural hair with a clip, and are perfect for anyone looking to instantly transform their hair into gorgeous and elegant locks. It is a great choice if you want to try different coloring methods and hairstyles without them being permanent. Clip-in hair extensions are good for a special date or anytime you wish to appear differently for a few hours. If you have medium length hair, clip-in hair extensions can make it longer. And in case your hair is not in the best form, you can use clip in hair extensions to bring fullness and richness to your hair.


  • It does not in any way damage your hair
  • You need not visit a salon to fix and remove
  • Very affordable, convenient and easy to style
  • It is applied temporarily so you can change your style fast.
  • Offers a very simple way of updating your look and can be easily clipped to the natural hair.


  • Due to its relatively low cost, you may end up buying fake hair
  • Clips can fall off if accidentally if the hair is pulled too hard
  • Can be harder to lay to match your original hair
  • Clips can damage hair if worn for a while.
  • Must be removed before sleeping to avoid excessive friction against the already sensitive scalp.

Tape hair extensions

Tape hair extensions are designed for people looking to have extra hair inches, but would prefer a more lasting method of extension. They feature strips of clear double-sided tape which is connected to the weft’s root. These wefts are then taped to the root of the hair at the scalp, resulting in a permanent hair extension method.


  • Very light an can easily go up into a high ponytail without being noticed
  • Great quality, long lasting and comfortable
  • Gives you a luscious and natural look, and the application time is less compared to Clip-in hair extension.
  • Reusable up to 4 times and can last up to 3 months
  • Look very natural, easy to maintain and style


  • Can be messy if not correctly applied
  • The removal is not straightforward. You will need a tape hair extension solvent to remove it
  • Made from low-quality human hair

When buying clip-in hair extension, look for the one that is made of human hair. This implies that all the cuticles will be facing the same direction and you can treat the hair extensions as your natural growing hair.

May 30, 2017 — Jason Yuan