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In today's fashion, eyelashes play a critical role in transforming an appearance. It adds significant value to the overall look, and provides one with the confidence needed to stand out in the crowd. As a result, there are a plethora of different lashes to choose from, with the most popular being the mink. Within the world of mink lashes are a great variety of styles to choose from. For example, some of the the more popular are strip mink lashes, 3D mink lashes, faux mink lashes, and individual mink lashes. So, how do you know which mink lash is right for you? Read on as we explain the different types of mink eyelashes. 


Strip Mink Lashes

Mink hair is naturally soft and fine. It is very light-weight and has a much lower sheen which allows for a beautiful and natural look. Since the lash strands are ultra-fine and tapered, they hold a beautiful curl. They’re virtually indistinguishable from natural lashes once applied. Whether it’s a wedding, a party, or any other very special occasion, mink lashes are sure to take your look to the next level. On occasions such as these, you definitely want the most comfortable and the most glamorous.


If you’re the type of person who walks into Sephora and suddenly you hear the choirs singing and doves flying, mink lashes are definitely for you! They’re the holy grail when it comes to false eyelashes, and you won’t find anything better on the market today. With a versatile collection and unique designs, there is a pair to match any look. On average, the cost for quality mink lashes is around US$30-35 per pair. They can be found at makeup/beauty specialty stores, but also sometimes in department stores. At eHair Outlet, because we are a direct vendor that is focused on passing savings on to our end customer, we offer high-quality strip mink lashes on sale for only $10.99.

3D Mink Eyelashes | eHair Outlet

3D Mink Lashes

In addition to traditional Mink Lashes, 3D Mink Lashes are clustered lashes that add significantly more dimension than their standard counterparts. The shiny and vivid look of the 3D Mink Lashes add a dramatic and yet natural look to eye makeup and thus enhances appearance considerably, making it stand out in the best of ways. These benefits do come at a cost however, as 3D Mink Lashes are usually more expensive than their standard counterparts. Despite that, if you are looking to stand out, a quality pair of 3D Mink Lashes are definitely worth the premium. 

 Mink eyelash collection | eHair Outlet


Individual Minks, Silks and Faux Mink

Usually preferred by older clients or those going for an extremely natural look, the allure of extensions made from individual Mink hair is that they have a natural quality to them that synthetic materials simply cannot deliver. Real individual Mink lashes come from the tail of either the Siberian Mink or the Chinese Mink. With Mink extensions, you'll get a light, fluffy, soft, and natural look. Real individual Mink lashes usually last longer as they are lightweight and are able to have more than one applied per natural lash. The downside to this type of extension is that not only are they expensive, ranging from $300-$500 per set, but they also do not come curled. Real individual Mink lashes need to be permed and curled consistently at home to maintain that perfect look.


Faux Mink individual eyelash extensions are the most popular extensions used by lash artists today. These man-made poly-fiber lashes come in a variety of lengths, diameters and curls. They have good flexibility and remain somewhat natural looking depending on the length. They're designed to imitate real mink fur, but fall short in some ways. Despite this, lash artists and clients both love this extension type because the curl is both permanent and low maintenance. 


Faux Mink lashes are also a bit bolder, glossier than silk or real Mink lashes. Because of their variety of size and length they're great for customizing different looks for each client.


Silk lashes are a mid-weight type of extension, and are finer and more flexible than the synthetic type which makes their retention slightly better. Because of their light weight, silk lashes are best for older clients or those with weaker natural lashes. Like synthetic mink lashes, silk lashes come in a variety of curls and lengths. These types of extensions also hold their curl, but the curl tends to be less uniform then synthetic lashes, making them better for clients who are looking for a more natural look. Silk lashes also tend to be thicker than any other type of extensions and also have that rick black color. Lastly, silk eyelash extensions tend to be the least comfortable type of extension and are best used for special occasions.