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A Guide to Buying the Right Human Hair Extensions

Grabbing the attention of those around you can be done in many ways but when it comes to the true attention grabber, hair tops the list. In many cases, you’ll look for a way to lengthen your hair or make it fuller, so buying human hair extensions is the way you decide to get the best results.

The price of wholesale human hair can range from a few bucks to hundreds of dollars and it’s all based on the quality. To ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck, follow a few tips before making your purchase.

Find A Legitimate Wholesale Vendor

The quality of human hair extensions varies based on which vendor you choose to do business with. Many salons and wig stores offer you the option to buy human hair extensions but to find the best products, you’ll want to search online vendors.

These vendors ship directly from where human hair is processed and offer great prices along with wide range of extension colors and lengths.

Here are a few tips when buying online:

Check the Quality

Many times vendors, such as Atlanta-based eHair Outlet, offer a wide variety of hair extensions. When you’re using human hair extensions as your own, quality can be crucial. You’re not going to buy extensions every day which means finding quality hair that will last for weeks should be your main focus.

Excellent quality human hair extensions may cost you up to $300, but you’ll know you’re getting hair that will last for months or even longer.

Length can play an important part in the quality of hair sold. The longer the extensions, the more expensive they’ll go for. When buying online, always check the length of your hair extensions to ensure they’ll be long enough to be added in and styled as you desire.

Ask For Samples

Certified online human hair vendors may sometimes offer you a test sample of the hair you’re interested in buying. This allows you to ensure that you’re getting the best quality human hair when you actually purchase the product.

When buying at a salon or wig store, also ask to test the quality of the hair against your own hair to make sure there are no extreme differences in the two. This will ensure the consistency of the two will stay the same.

Make Sure There’s A Return Policy

The trouble with buying human hair extensions online is that you may not always like what you purchase once it arrives. If you’ve purchased multiple times online, you might not have this problem. However, first-time buyers may have to return orders when establishing a new relationship with a vendor. Legitimate online stores should have a money back warranty in place in case you are not satisfied with the product you purchased.

If purchasing in a store, make sure your store will allow you to bring back your extensions for return or exchange in case you’re not satisfied. Very few vendors even allow you to return extensions after they’ve been used due to hygiene concerns and Federal regulations.

Check Customer Feedback

With any purchase of human hair extensions, you’ll want to check customer reviews on the product you want to buy. Many consumers provide this feedback to warn others on buying the product you’re interested in and others want to give praise for a product that meets and exceeds all expectations.

If the hair extension vendor you’re considering purchasing from doesn’t have a ‘review’ section or feedback panel, proceed with caution. These days almost every vendor regardless of their products provides a place for customer reviews on products to ensure future customers see the success of their products.

Human Hair Extensions Wholesale in Decatur, Georgia

Finding human hair extensions in your area, Decatur, Georgia, will be an easy task considering Atlanta is the hair capitol of the United States. Many vendors are located right in the heart of the metro area as well as in Decatur and other areas.

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01 julio 2015 — Yi Zheng