With thick and healthy hair, you can look younger, more beautiful and gain more confidence. If you are not naturally blessed with great hair like Rapunzel, you can still get the look using hair extensions. With the different available options, affordable hair extensions can add length and volume to your hair, making it look thicker and healthier. Nevertheless, purchasing these hair extensions means deciding your needs, researching on what’s available and also figuring out how and where to get them. This thorough guide will show you how and where to buy the best cheap human hair extensions.

Now first thing’s first, you are probably here because you have decided that human hair extensions are your choice over the synthetic option. We understand why because human hair: 

  • Is made from real human hair
  • Can easily be styled like your own hair
  • Can withstand heat well 

For a natural, human hair is the right choice for everyone. One attribute that usually scares people away is the cost. If you are in the market for cheap hair extensions, you might have to stick with synthetic hair. Human hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic hair but you can find cheap human hair options too. 

Determine your hair color

Your aim is for your hair extensions to blend well with your real hair and look natural so you are going to determine your natural hair color to buy a perfect or close match. For a flawless match, visit your local beauty salon. They will use hair swatches to accurately determine your hair color so you can buy the right color of human hair extensions. You can also color match your hair from the swatches available on an online store.

Determine the hair extension type

There are so many variants of wholesale hair extensions that you will be spoilt for choice. You can choose from temporary to semi-permanent and permanent human hair extensions, it all depends on your personal preference.

 sew in hair extensions | eHair Outlet

  • Sew in: sew in extensions are by far the most famous kind of all. You can get them in different textures, colors and lengths. You can create different hair styles with this on a daily basis without damage to your real hair. When you take good care of them, sew in human hair extensions will last up to or more than a year.

clip in hair extensions | ehair outlet

  • Clip in: the easiest option to use is clip in extensions. It is a good choice for women of all ages as a simple clip onto the hair secures it. They are temporary and should not be worn to serious occasions where they can be pulled of by elements like other people or wind.

glue in hair extensions | eHair Outlet

  • Glue in: as the name suggests, this permanent option is attached with the use of an adhesive. Glue in extensions can stay put for much longer.

Human hair lace wigs | eHair Outlet

  • Wigs: sew in extensions and a closure are used to make wigs and they come in different variations like lace wigs. This is a great option if you want to change your hair regularly.
  • Integrated: identical to lace wigs, these extensions have nylon wefts through which your natural hair is pulled to make for easy blending.

microlinks human hair extensions | eHair Outlet

  • Microlinks: tubings or keratin is used to attach microlinks to natural hair. This option is semi-permanent and can endure for more than a single day. Getting them installed can be expensive in some salons.

Compare different extensions

Even if you know what you want by now, still take some time to compare the different affordable hair extension options. From the many options available, determine the type, texture and price that is right for you. You can ask your friends about their personal experiences or read reviews to help you make up your mind.

Determine your budget

After every other decision, you have gotten to the practical money part. You have a choice from different types of cheap human hair extensions so finding a perfect fit within your budget should not be a problem. Even though the human hair options are looking more expensive than synthetic hair right now, consider the advantages you will get from human hair. Easy styling, longer life span and a natural look will come from this choice so the cost for cheap human hair will be worth it in the long run.

Local or online store? 

You can buy human hair extensions from your local beauty salon or from an online store. The choice for wholesale hair extensions is also available if you want to buy a variety at the same time or if you are purchasing with friends. Your local salon might have a good display but many online stores have a greater variety.

Buying hair extensions can be a tiring and tricky process but this guide will help you buy the best human hair extensions for a smashing look. If you need a place to purchase great human hair extensions online, check eHair Outlet for a great selection.

11 octubre 2017 — Jason Yuan