9A Malaysian Platinum Blonde 3 Bundle Set Body Wave w/4"x4" Lace Closure

$ 190.00 USD
Proveedor eHair Outlet

Bundle Length
4"X4" Closure


eHair Outlet offers 100% Virgin Human Hair Extensions. Our New Arrived 9A Malaysian Premium Platinum Blonde human hair extensions have a sleek and shiny look with a silk texture that makes it easy to style and maintain. It offers the versatility of wearing the hair in curls or wearing it straight. It is the perfect style for this summer. 


  • 9A Malaysian human hair extension
  • Premium Color
  • Body Wave
  • 4"x4" Body Wave Lace Closure
  • Multiple length combo available
  • 3 Bundles + 1 Lace Closure
  • Color: Platinum Blonde 
  • 3.5 oz or 100 gram each bundle