Integration / PE line / Fishnet Topper

$ 459.00 USD $ 529.00
Proveedor eHair Outlet


1. Base Type: 6" x6.5" Full PE Line Base:

  • The base of the hairpiece is constructed using a full PE (polyethylene) line.
  • PE is a durable material that provides a natural-looking scalp appearance.
  • The full base coverage offers complete coverage for the area of hair loss.

2. Hair Style: Straight:

  • The hairpiece features straight hair, which appears sleek and smooth.
  • Straight hair is versatile and can be styled in various ways to suit personal preferences.

3. Hair Quality: Virgin Chinese Hair

  • The hair used in the topper is virgin Chinese hair.
  • "Virgin" means the hair has never been chemically processed or treated, ensuring its natural qualities are preserved.
  • Chinese hair typically has a thicker texture compared to other hair types, providing volume and density to the hairpiece.

4. Attachment Style: Freestyle:

  • The hair is attached in a freestyle manner, allowing for versatility in parting and styling.
  • This means the wearer can part the hair in any direction they desire, offering flexibility in styling options

5. Density: Medium:

  • The hairpiece is designed with medium density, offering a natural look and feel without being too thick or too thin.

Overall, this topper combines a durable base, natural-looking virgin Chinese hair, and versatile styling options, making it suitable for women seeking a seamless and natural-looking solution for hair loss or thinning.