Non Slip Silicone Wig Grip Band

$ 5.99 USD
Proveedor ehair outlet

  • Material: The Wig Headband is Made of Food-grade Silicone, Not Harmless to Human Skin,Top Quality, No Gel, No Glue, Very Softest, Very Stretchable, Sweatproof and Water Proof! Easy to Clean!
  • Type: Silicone Wig Grip Sweatproof Seamless Wig Headband Secure Wig without Gel or Glue Available Soft Drop-shaped Hair Band Soft Drop-shaped Elastic Band Lace Wig Grip
  • Basic Info Of Silicone Wig Headband: 2 Colors is Available-transparent、brown
  • Featured: Our's Silicone Hair Band can Stop Your Wig Slipping Back and Sliding Around Completely, Simultaneously Protects and Stimulates the Scalp Which can Promote Your Natural Hair Growth, It's non-sticky and doesn't Snag on Your Hair, Reusable for Years
  • The transparent silicone wig band is a specially engineered, silicone gripper that makes wearing a wig more secure, easier, and comfortable.